Friday, July 22, 2005

Just another day in Phoenix!!

Well it's going to be about 108 degrees today in Phoenix, pretty typical for this time of the year. We have another summer thunderstorm buliding up for tonight. Our news people call this the monsoon season, funny we did not have a monsoon season until the last 1970's when were invaded by the hordes from the east coast. When they got here everything had to have some cute name, like monsoon or sport utility vehicle for a pick-up truck. Most everything changed when they got here, Phoenix had to change because it did not look or act like Chicago, New York or Philadelia. Funny thing, 30 years later they are still trying to make Phoenix a world class city. The only things that has been accomplished are higher taxes for things like a light rail system which will go no where and cost 4 billion dollars; home prices so high that most of the middle income folks have to live out of town and commute to work and the graduation of really stupid kids. A study was done a few years ago which concluded that a high school education in the 1950's is equivalent to a university degree today.

But yesterday, a judge ruled that 4 outstanding illegal alien kids could stay in the US after we have been paying for their care, feeding, medical attention and education since they were babies. But yet, hard working American Citizens have to file for bankruptcy or are thrown into jail because they can't pay their medical bills.

No wonder everyone not born here wants to come to the US, they have the advantage. If you were born here or became a citizen legally, you are screwed.



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