Saturday, March 22, 2008

Discrimination at Lake Pleasant Regional Park, Arizona

Today was a beautiful day for a hike at Lake Pleasant's Pipeline Canyon Trail. I have been taking this hike at least twice a year since it opened. The major feature is a floating bridge which the county taxpayers spent $300K to build. This particular area of the lake is restricted to all boat traffic. Notice the large pontoon boat near the bridge right in the middle of the restricted area. I have reported boats in this area to the Park Director but she has ignored me every time. I have been told by that same Director that I cannot paddle my environmentally friendly kayak into this area but every time I have hiked into the bridge there has been at least one power boat using this restricted area.

This particular boat is licensed in Arizona with an assigned licensed number of AZ 1307 BA in case any law enforcement agency would like to issue a citation. The lake side entrance of this spectacular Canyon has floating buoys telling boaters that this is a boat restricted area but as is the case these days no one gives a damn about following the law. They must be right because the Maricopa County Sheriff's Lake Patrol never comes near this area.

A higher fee is charged for each boat brought into the park but not all boats are afforded the same privileges. As I have seen and experienced on many occasions. I guess the next time I will just paddle into Pipeline Canyon like the rest of the power boats and enjoy this beautiful area from the water like everyone else.


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