Monday, April 21, 2008

Blaise Pascal's Wager or Christianity IS Real

Most folks knew the name Blaise Pascal as the individual that invented Geometry and was responsible for many late nights doing math problems. What most don't know is that he was a very devoted follower of Christianity. For someone that only lived 39 years on this earth he set the stage for so much in our society. During a great message this past Sunday by Pastor Kent DelHousaye of Northwest Community Church in Phoenix, Arizona; I learned that for me Blaise Pascal should be considered as great as Martin Luther, John Wesley or John Calvin. These great religious leaders based their movements on their theological revelations but Pascal being a true intellectual based his religious fervor on logic.

For many years as someone educated in science it was difficult for me to understand having faith in an unseen, intangible being, it just did not seem logical. I eventually came to understand and have even developed a very strong faith in Jesus Christ. I came to terms with my uncertainty through physical evidence of biblical events and a series of personal miracles. Learning about Pascal's faith and his logical approach to the existence of Jesus and believing in God has reinforced my faith.

Pascal put forth a logical proposition that has become known as Pascal's Wager. Simply stated it says, "If Christianity is true and you believe it, then you’ve gained everything. If it’s false, then you’ve lost nothing but gained a noble life. But, if Christianity is true and you don’t believe it, then you’ve lost everything!"

Whether you are an agnostic, an athiest or believer this proposition cannot be misinterpreted. Even if you don't believe but think in a logical manner it makes sense!


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