Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Flashy Phil"

Today's Arizona Republic carries a story on page E1, about the image makeover that Phil Gordon, the current mayor of Phoenix, Arizona has gone through. He was recently named the "Best Mayor in North America" for 2008 and is one of eleven finalists for "Mayor of the World".

What is really wants to be is the Governor of Arizona.

Reality is that his time is limited as the Mayor because there is a recall petition drive underway by American Citizens United. Flashy Phil believes that it is ok to let illegal immigrants run roughshod over the citizens of Phoenix. He wants Phoenix to be a sanctuary city just like San Francisco. After several Phoenix Police Officers were killed by illegal immigrants, Flashy Phil met with the current police chief who also supports the concept of Phoenix as a sanctuary city, to craft a new policy allowing the police to turn suspected illegal immigrants over to ICE.

If it wasn't for the County Attorney, Andrew Thomas, and the Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, enforcing the laws in Phoenix regarding illegal immigrants, we would be overrun with them. Time does not permit me to list all the problems and economic costs they have caused the taxpayers of Phoenix. The citizens of Phoenix have gone to the polls before the strengthen the laws and hopefully in November, they will recall Flashy Phil and he can go to the sanctuary in San Francisco. Oh I forgot to mention, that he works so hard that he is separated from his wife of 13 years so he can go by himself.

The picture above is from today's AZREP article and below is the article plus another one outlining Flashy Phil's other problems.

PS: San Francisco's sanctuary city status may soon end after recent events have shed light on what the residents of San Fran have been providing for juvenile illegal immigrants. Read about it in this article.


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