Sunday, January 20, 2008

This past week in Arizona, 01-20-08

This hopefully will be the first of many updates as to what has gone on in Arizona over the past week. Anything could show up, local or national politics, city or state issues of a local nature or just plan gossip.

Well here goes the best three things I could find for last week.

The Arizona Republic Newspaper trashed Andrew Thomas, Maricopa County Attorney, for publishing pamphlet on Crime Prevention but they didn't object to taking $24,000. to distribute it. The cost for the pamphlet was not paid for by tax payers as the newspaper suggested but was paid from RICO and other funds recovered from criminals. Andrew's office has received numerous requests for copies even a request from a Sheriff in a northwestern state. Maybe next time Andrew should look around for a different way to distribute great information rather than using a two-faced newspaper that doesn't like elected officials that actually do their jobs!

Tom Horne, Arizona State Superintendent of Public Instruction, was recently told to butt out when he asked the Tucson Unified School District for information on their Ethnic Studies Program which in Tucson is known as Mexican-American/Raza Studies Department. LA RAZA for those that don't know has frequently taken the position that Arizona, New Mexico and Texas should be taken back by Mexico. Is this the kind of group that State tax payers should be paying for the TUSD to support? Tome Horne ultimately had to resort to a Freedom Information Request. The last word on this has not been written.

Our Billion Dollar Metro Light Rail Project which is not scheduled to go into operation for a few years has suddenly developed what is being characterized as a minor problem. Eleven breaks have developed in the rails in several locations. Officials don't seem to have any ideas what has caused the 7" breaks. I personally don't think that any size break in a train rail is a minor concern. I suspect that this minor inconvenience will be explained away, explained away until the day the first train derailment!

Well that's enough for now. Have a great week!


Me versus the Coyotes: Coyotes 8, Me 0

After not hunting for more than 35 years, I decided this past December to start hunting coyotes. The fishing in Arizona is not very good during the winter so I needed another hobby to fill the gap till spring.

After 8 trips, the coyotes have evaded me every time. This past weekend I hired a guide to teach me what I have been doing wrong. I did learn several things that I could do differently that might improve chances.

I have discovered that hunting coyotes is a lot like fishing for catfish. You have to be in the right place at the right time with the right bait. You also need a healthy dose of patience. One of the reps for a major call company has said that her success rate is one in ten trips, so I guess I need to go hunting a couple more times.