Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lazy Trout Store & Motel Greer, AZ

During Fall Break from school this year, I was able to spend 3 days at the Lazy Trout Store & Motel in beautiful Greer, AZ.  I normally stay somewhere else but as it was only me with no family, I tried new lodgings.

Understand that my goal of driving 6 hours from Phoenix is to catch fish, not sight seeing but catching big beautiful trout.  No other reason.  Having said that, here's how my trip went.

Upon arriving at the Lazy Trout Store, I was greeted warmly by the owners, Ted and Nancy.  Having been setting the trip up via emails with Ted for months, it was like seeing family.

Nancy gave me my key to room #1, newly renovated with knotty pine, and my all important fishing pass.  My room was only about 20 paces from the store which was very convenient.

The store is stocked with everything you could possible need from food, liquor, fishing gear and clothes.


The room was very comfortable and the sweet smell of knotty pine was terrific.  Two beds, queen and twin, so I had plenty of room to spread out my gear.

Now for the serious fishing information.  I selected the Lazy Trout because they offer 3 small private fishing lakes stocked with trophy sized rainbow trout.  You might think catching stocked trout in a small lake would be a cinch.  Trust me when you have to do it with a single barbless fishing fly on either a fly rod or spincast rod, it is not a piece of cake.  It takes skill and most of all patience.  These fish are feed daily so they are not hungry.  The water is carefully monitored for adequate oxygen which is supplied with wind turbine to keep the fish healthly and strong.

During my stay I caught many fish with the smallest being around 16" and the biggest around 18".  Larger fish were caught but not by me.  Ted has the home advantage and he demonstrated his understated skill by catching something around 22" while giving lessons to some visitors.

Very nice.

Biggest of time there.

The Lazy Trout is a much more economical place to stay in Greer than most of the other accommodations available.  You do have to pay a fee to fish while you are there but overall the price per night is lower than most others.  The motel rooms are compact but well appointed with a very comfortable feel.  With only 8 rooms, this location is neither crowed or noisy at anytime.

If you want to get away from the big city where you can hear elk bugling in the evening and early morning,  see a family of deer walking around the lake while you are fishing or to be greeted by a family of rabbits outside your room at first light, then the Lazy Trout would be a great place to stay.

I had a very relaxing 3 days and can't wait to go back!


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